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10 Fabulous Tips That Will Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Increase Organic Traffic

They say that the secret to a well-risen cake bake lies in temperature control. Similarly, the secret to a functional website lies in traffic control, i.e., your Target Audience. Having this understanding of your target audience will surely help you increase organic traffic to your website.

Starting from scratch and building your website audience can be a bit of a pickle. Though, there are many ways to kickstart your website ranking right at the initial launch. RankLords may assist you in covering that additional mile with grace.

We believe you are here to learn more about ways to boost your organic growth; hence we have got you covered. This article will take you on a journey through some of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your website in 2023. Let’s get started and give your website a steaming bake!

1. Increase Organic Traffic By Knowing Your Target

Start with understanding your target audience. You might already know your customer base but understanding the audience is different from knowing your customer base. Simply put, your customer base is the audience you were able to lead toward the conversion line. They are the section of your audience that was able to see the remarkable and valuable things that come with availing of your services. But what about the other section of your audience which did not come through? 

  • What made them second guess your services?
  • What factors prolonged the thought process of indulging with you?
  • Is there a better way to appeal to that section of the audience?
Know Your Target

These are some of the questions you must ask yourself. To realize the full potential of your audience, you need to get more insight into the forces that drive them to avail of your services or not. One way to better understand your audience is by indulging in social media platforms. Moreover, engaging on every platform offers its own benefits. Facebook helps you engage with the audience better, and Instagram allows you to indulge in creative visual content. Quora helps you give customers constructive advice regarding their questions. Due to this, it is essential to engage differently on each platform to make the best use of the audience on each platform.

2. Cater to The Audience Better

One of the best ways to get relevant traction is by posting content showcasing your work. In a world full of digital media, making sure your website communicates what you do should be an utmost priority. It will give your audience and customers a better insight regarding the things or services you provide them. This is a beautiful way to efficiently cater to your potential customers in a healthy and authentic manner. 

Audience Better

Take a quick look at the following ways to engage with your audience:

  • Plan the homepage content concisely
  • Keep up with the social media posts
  • Maintain a blog section to feed the traffic

Moreover, if you wish to adopt a more direct and point-to-point approach, here is what you can consider doing. Think about introducing an FAQ Section to your website. This will help you to be more accurate with any customer queries. There are many more benefits of introducing an FAQ Section. We will discuss this topic in more detail further in the article.

3. Power Of Mindful Collaborations

There is nothing better than a mindful collaboration with another brand. Not to mention the fact that collaborative marketing efforts have proven to result in highly qualified leads. One wholesome example of a successful collaboration is CenturyPly and Fevicol. Together, these brands have gained a lot of traction with their collaborations. Their social posts communicate the idea that the ultimate strength of CenturyPly Plywood and the bond of Fevicol make construction more durable. 

Some of the benefits of doing this are as follows:

  • Brings a highly engaged customer base to your audience
  • Helps in boosting your conversion rate
  • Takes your brand awareness to the next level

Take this information as your cue to give a green flag to mindful collaboration ideas. No matter your domain of services, you always have an excellent chance to level up your brand with collaborative marketing strategies. So do not shy away from healthy collaborations this year!

4. Introduce Long Tail Keywords

Whether you are starting out your website or it has been public for a while already, what are the odds that it will rank? Well, take this with a grain of salt, but the chances are close to zero (considering that any other traffic is not directed towards the website from other sources). 


For a website to rank independently, you must use the long tail keywords in your content. These keywords will help you reach your audience in just a matter of time. Since it is less likely for a long tail keyword to already exist on multiple pages, you have higher chances to rank.

These long-tail keywords can be incorporated within your:

  • Homepage Content
  • Blog Sections
  • Testimonial Page

With the uniqueness of your keywords and the resourcefulness of your content, you can build up your website audience from scratch. Moreover, you can significantly impact the reader’s mind with a unique way of presentation and targeting.

5. Prioritize Better With FAQ Section

As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, an FAQ Section on your website can be introduced to engage with potential customers in a better way. This helps you entail direct communication with the audience. Having an FAQ Section gives you an upper hand in so many ways. Take a look at some of the benefits of the same:

  • Solves customer queries

A customer with doubts and questions is a big no-no. What is the purpose of a website? It is a medium to communicate what your website has to offer. Thus, your website should be able to solve all the initial questions of the customers. FAQs make this much more direct, concise, time-saving and to the point.

  • Helps in establishing trust

A reader’s attention span is recorded to be around 7-8 seconds. It is essential to provide the audience with direct messages. Once the readers easily get the information they need from your website, they are much more likely to establish trust.

  • Highlights your USPs

These one-two liner FAQs are like the north pole of your website. The concise nature of FAQs allows the reader to easily get through multiple FAQs without any issues. This is a great way to highlight your website or services’ unique offerings or USPs.

6. Use SERP To Your Advantage

There are multiple reasons why you should aim to expand your audience, and conversion rate is not one of them. A wider audience bracket means you have a more extensive range of engaging with potential customers. These people might not be directly related, but they can still avail of your services and benefit from them.

Serp To Your Advantage

One of the best ways to expand your audience bracket is to use SERP to your advantage. What are SERP results? In simple words, they are the search engine page results. They consist of a list of the most searched or trending queries on the internet. These results can help you better grasp what kind of things people search for.

Referring to the SERP as a guide, you can create your upcoming marketing campaigns with better insights. This will heighten your chances of ranking better in the search results. 

7. Evergreen Content Buckets

Take this as a continuation of the SERP results point mentioned above. There are thousands of content formats to take up. But it is crucial to include those with the potential to rank. Therefore, the SERP method gives you relevant insight into what searches are ranking.

Content Buckets

For instance, this method will allow you to keep up with the following:

  • Trending News
  • Upcoming events
  • Special Festivals

But the internet is a dynamic and ever-changing medium. Can you rely upon it for all your content suggestions? Ideally, a blend of trending and evergreen topics is a great way to go. Some topics are linked to your business domain and do not become outdated, no matter what. Reserving some content posts just for the evergreen content will balance out a lot for your website.

You can efficiently structure your content buckets with a good understanding of your domain. We suggest you build a few content buckets that consist of evergreen content regarding your business domain.

8. Wild Card Entry Guest Posting

Guest Posting acts like the wild card entry for your business into an untapped audience. Isn’t that cool? There are many blog sites that welcome businesses to add their articles. This allows you to introduce yourself to a new audience and boosts your conversion rate to an extent.

Overall, the results of guest posting are not equivalent to collaborations. Both of these methods work in different ways. Apart from everything, there is a considerable advantage in guest posting. Why? Well, there are two reasons:

  • Massive Following-

The guest posting pages have a niche audience in specific domains. They usually cover topics similar to the main domain. Above that, they already have a vast audience beforehand, thus, making it an excellent place to introduce your website and services. 

  • Good Reputation-

Since the guest posting platforms consist of a niche audience, their readers will likely take an interest in your website. The only requirement is to do good background research on the niche before exposing your website to a new potential audience.

9. The Game Of Keyword Analysis

Relevancy and Authenticity are some of the most underrated yet essential things to consider when building your website audience. The blend of keywords you use throughout the pages tells a lot about the audience.

To put it in simpler words, your keyword research report is the blueprint of your marketing campaign. Think of it this way, the combination of keywords is like the pawns in the game of chess. You can plot the best foundation of your campaign only if your keyword research is appropriate.

Consistent keyword analysis reports help you better understand the keywords you should target. It also allows you to be well aware of the topics people are searching for when dabbling into your website’s niche.

10. Embracing Email Marketing

This point might not be relevant for all business domain websites. However, Email Marketing can not be overlooked. Especially for small business websites. Keeping customers in touch through interactive and friendly email marketing is crucial. Usually, emails are sent after the sign-in, purchase, subscription, etc.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a multifunctional way of communicating with the audience. Here are some of the main reasons why you should take Email Marketing more seriously. It allows you to:

  • Conduct quick surveys
  • Make announcements
  • Get customer feedback
  • Drive traffic to a specific page
  • Educate the readers/ potential customers
  • Share details about new upgrades and offers

Some businesses use email marketing to communicate with customers who have availed of their services before. Furthermore, some small businesses resort to sending monthly newsletters to the readers. Either way, Email Marketing is one of the healthy and personalized ways of interacting with customers regularly.

Heart Of The Matter

So you see, it is not that difficult. Starting from the bottom line and growing your website audience might be just what you need to level up your business. If you plan well and follow these techniques, you will jumpstart your website’s rating effectively and efficiently. We hope this article has provided you with substantial insight into improving your organic growth. Now drive your website towards absolute perfection!

If you want to gain a better insight into what would work best for your website, then RankLords are here to back you up. With 11 years of expertise in our bag, we are here to upscale your website. We help businesses in their design, development and marketing campaigns. So without wasting any more time, get in touch with us today.

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