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Buckle Up For Black Friday 2022: Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew

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When Thanksgiving is over, the clock tells us it is time to begin shopping! The countdown has already brought us to Black Friday 2022. It is one of the world’s most significant commercial events and, without question, the ideal time for customers to purchase and businesses to sell.

This article will discuss various digital marketing strategies you may use on Black Friday 2022. We will discuss how to document your digital marketing plan as effectively as possible. But why must that be relevant?

It is said that the previous year’s records of your Black Friday Campaign may provide you with a wealth of information on what you must accomplish for the event the following year. So let’s get right into it.

Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew

A buyer’s persona is different on festive occasions compared to other times. Since their persona and intentions differ, your standard marketing tactics might not be the best thing to do on Black Friday.

Some of the things you must know about holding a sale during Black Friday are:

  • Shoppers will buy early
  • Customers will expect value
  • Buyers will not bargain much
  • People choose sustainable options
Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew

However, aside from understanding the buyer, there is something more to pay attention to… Marketing! Further in the article, we have collated a list of intelligent digital marketing tactics to help you make the maximum revenue on Black Friday.

Website Prepping: Here Comes The Storm

The glory of the Internet gives you access to hundreds and thousands of people simultaneously. Not all people surf for the same things at once, but this is not the case during festive seasons!

Website Prepping

Right after Thanksgiving, you can expect HEAVY traffic on your website, especially if you are an e-commerce brand. Employing the best SEO services to keep everything in check is the best thing a brand can do before Black Friday. Here are some of the things that your website should be capable of:

  • Loading pages with 1-2 seconds
  • Smooth surfing experience
  • Ability to sustain a large number of traffic
  • Mobile-friendly user interface 

The most popular gadgets for product research and shopping are mobile phones, desktops, tabs and more. Thus it would be best to consider this while preparing your website to handle many visits. Make sure to do anything that can improve user experience. You can perform a general check to see if your site can handle a significant level of traffic.

Adopt Personalized Email Marketing Tactics

Email Marketing Tactics

There is nothing more unique and interactive for a buyer than a personalized email. Brands can pick a newsletter theme for various buyer personas and suggest products based on that. Take a more communicative approach with a specially crafted short message for various audiences, such as the pre-existing customer base, the prospects, new visitors of the website and more. What can you send emails for? Here are some of the main agendas:

  • Giving special discounts to pre-existing customers
  • Thank you emails with warm wishes
  • Sending referral codes
  • Invitation to the newer potential customers
  • Emails with suggestive products to unconverted buyers

 Here is how you can separate your brand from others through email marketing tactics:

  • Keep the emails interactive, informal and fun
  • Catchy email subject lines
  • Using aesthetically pleasing colors
  • Personalizing subject lines with buyer name

Document The Buyer Journey Metrics

Customer behavior is characterized by purchase decisions that follow a complicated course, passing through many periods, channels, assessment points, and other elements. This Black Friday, document your customer journey to discover their pain points, wants, goals, and the answers your product may provide. Maintaining a report on the key performance indicators of your website during Black Friday is the best thing a brand can do in 2022.

Go further into it because a buyer comes to a website in search of something already. Being able to raid the campaign statistics of 2022 will help you make a better Black Friday Sale in 2023. You can assess the outcomes of your previous Black Friday Adverts. List your KPIs for each stage of the funnel from the website hits through sales. Here are some of the critical KPIs to document and understand:

  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue percentage
  • Returns on Ad spend
  • Sales volume
  • Overall income 

With this, you’ll know where your approach succeeded and where you need to improve for this year, which will drive your new tactics and boost the return on your efforts. You can keep this consumer journey in mind when developing your tactics next year for Black Friday 2023. 

Boost The Ad Campaign Budgets

Ad Campaign Budgets

On Google Ads, the higher you keep the budget of your ad campaign, the more reach it gains. This directly implies that brands can gain more impressions and click-through rates. Black Friday holds excellent potential for many businesses and is worth increasing your ad campaign budget.

It is essential to keep in mind that Black Friday is a very competitive occasion. Setting up a budget for those efforts makes a significant difference in making your brand stand out. Invest in running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and more to ensure an excellent Black Friday yield for your business.

Black Friday: This Is A Big One

Black Friday is quite a grand commercial event in the US, UK, Canada, Romania, Mexico, India, France, Germany and more countries around the globe. It symbolizes the start of the Christmas festival. And this means people start shopping and buying gifts for their loved ones.

You agree that these events offer businesses a massive opportunity to advertise. Heavy discount offers are frequently run during this event. Moreover, Black Friday is much more than a single day since marketing can extend for many weeks or months.

That’s A Wrap

It is essential to prepare ahead of time for more significant sales. We hope these Black Friday marketing tips helped you gain more insight into digital marketing tactics for your campaigns. Buckle up to go above and beyond frantic with your last-minute marketing, and remember to document your campaigns. If you want to dig deeper and need a campaign strategy for your Black Friday Campaigns, get in touch with— RankLords!

We have worked with brands in various business domains for over 11 years. Our experience in the digital marketing world ranges from many areas, such as SEO, Content Marketing, Ads Campaign Management and more. Strengthen your brand campaigns with RankLords.

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