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Is SEMrush a Reliable Keyword Research Tool? A Comprehensive Guide

Keyword Research Tool

There is a solution for every problem in the vast space that we all know as the Internet.

But how does that work? There is one answer to it, and that is Keywords. We explored the depths of the Internet and our experience to find some exciting facts and tools for keyword research. This article brings you everything you need about the keyword research tool— SEMrush!

We will also cover multiple topics that will help you understand why keywords are essential for a brand, how they assist in marketing and what tools will help you better accomplish your goals. Let’s get into it.

What Is A Keyword Research Tool

Search Concept

“Nothing makes sense to the Google Search Engine without Keywords.”

And if Google can not make sense of what your business provides or does, then it won’t be able to help you reach your audience. It is like going to a language center to learn a language but needing help to say which language course you want to opt for…

Thus, all marketing and creative efforts will be nil unless a brand employs an effective keyword strategy. This can be nailed with a quality keyword research tool. Keyword Research Tools assist brands in determining which keywords to target and give vital insight into the queries your target audience is searching for on Google. The insights you may gain from these absolute search phrases can guide your content strategy and overall marketing plan. In other words, Keyword Research Tools such as SEMrush, Google SERP, Ubersuggest, Aherfs and Google Ads are the core of the Digital Marketing activities of a business. 

SEMrush: Reliable Guide For Keyword Research?

Keeping track of all the research can be a cumbersome process when doing your keyword research and regular SEO optimization. SEMrush Toolkit offers you a Keyword Overview tool to make the process smoother. You can get familiar with SEMrush Keyword Research Tools in just a nick of time. 

  1. Keyword Analytics Tool

This tool allows you to investigate the level of competition and keyword intent for any term. This involves investigating the regional and global search volume. You may also find phrase matches with the keyword analytics tool. These are the longer search terms that include the keyword you looked for, i.e., your primary target keyword. This tool can also determine keyword difficulty for you. This proves an excellent tool because you can now concentrate on selecting keywords with simple and medium difficulty before tackling the more complicated phrases.

Alongside the keyword Analytics Tool, SEMrush also offers content toolkits that give you the perfect direction for the topics you need to grow online. This tool makes the individual or bulk keyword research handy. You can do good keyword research and develop the best content marketing plan. These tools will also assist you in conducting competitive keyword research. Moreover, the Keyword Overview tool, Keyword Magic tool and Keyword Manager tool are all you need to rock your Digital Marketing! Let’s see what these other tools have to offer.

Semrush Keyword Research
  1. Keyword Magic Tool

This tool allows you to use a single seed keyword to generate over 2,000,000 keyword suggestions. The Keyword Magic Tool is easy to use; here’s how:

Step 1: The Seed Keyword-

Simply enter a seed keyword you are interested in researching into the search box to launch your keyword research process. Perhaps it could be your main business keyword.

Step 2: Acquire Reports-

Broad Match is the default report in this tool, and it will provide all keyword suggestions for the seed keyword in all detected formats and in any order.

This means you will have ideas! With just one keyword relevant to your business, you can generate multiple other ideas based on that. Some of the other things this tool allows you to do are:

  • Look for long-tail keywords.
  • Examine the clickability of keywords.
  • Analyze and filter keywords based on search intent
  1. Keyword Gap Tool

This Keyword tool allows you to compare the quality of your website to that of your competitors. It assists you in determining who ranks higher for the most often searched terms in your niche. One of the most valuable features of this tool is the ability to determine the keywords your competitors are utilizing. And how does that help? These insights will assist you in selecting those keywords and developing content strategies around them so that you can also rank for them. Using Keyword Gap Tool, you may compare up to five websites under one account.

A Multifunctional Tool For Digital Marketing

E-Commerce Website Development

You can manage various activities from a single platform with SEMrush. Be it search engine optimization, content marketing, competitive research, pay-per-click ads, social media marketing or more. This is an excellent and multifunctional tool.

SEMrush helps you maintain all of the following things at once:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Link Building

Semrush is like a ninja keyword research tool that gives your digital marketing team some superpowers. Simply put, SEMrush is an all-in-one platform that assists digital marketers in optimizing their websites for increased organic search traffic. 

It allows you to track your competitors’ keywords and how they are ranked. You can also examine how you compare to your competition and make more data-driven decisions about which keywords to target for organic search and Google Ad Campaigns. This plethora of insightful data will make you rank better, faster and wiser. 

Position Tracking: Most Powerful Feature Of SEMrush

One of the most potent functions of SEMrush is generally recognized as position tracking. It verifies a website’s daily rankings based on a defined set of target keywords. You will obtain the data required to assess SEO and PPC performance using different reports such as tagging, sorting, filtering, exporting, and more. Position monitoring helps in exceptionally improving your search rankings.

It gives the following benefits:

  • Tracking of keywords and domains
  • Comparisons of geographical locations
  • Local competition identification
  • Smart SEO tracking
  • Snippet reports and highlights

Website Audit: Makes Website Efficient

This tool displays a categorized list of issues that reveals which portions of your website are failing. When you solve the flaws on the list, your website’s SEO efficiency will improve. From duplicate content and broken links to crawl ability and HTTPS implementation, the technical analysis report from this tool will cover it all.


This tool helps you to ensure that your website is search engine friendly. Site Audit can inform you whether GoogleBot can crawl and index your website or if there are any hindrances in the process.

Internal Linking-

This report under the website audit will assist you in identifying all of your internal linking issues, i.e., meticulously organizing the overall structure of your website and ensuring efficient Page Rank distribution.

Site Performance-

The website performance highly depends on the page loading speed. It is an important ranking element. Moreover, it significantly impacts user experience, especially those who open your website through smartphones. The Page load time should be one to two seconds.

Traffic Analytics Made Easy With SEMrush

The Traffic Analytics tool is a sophisticated market research tool that evaluates your website’s desktop and mobile traffic. You may use this tool to assess the possibilities of a new market and devise an effective media purchasing strategy. The significant advantage of this function is that you can observe where your traffic is coming from, how your visitors interact with the website, and which devices they are most likely to use. Professional marketing managers, researchers, and sales teams will find Traffic Analytics incredibly useful. The traffic % measure is one of the most popular metrics in this feature, as most digital marketers love it.

Level Up Your Link Building

Off-Page Optimization For Links Backlinks

The Link Building Tool is excellent for those looking for fresh link-building chances in their specialty. With SEMrush, you will receive a sophisticated interface via which you can design an outreach campaign to obtain backlinks. The feature has four separate tools, which are as follows:

  • Backlink Analytics
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building Tool
  • Bulk Analysis

Maintaining Project Dashboard With SEMrush

The Project Dashboard displays a consolidated view of all the most critical data and information generated by Semrush. You may link your existing projects, and the dashboard will create data widgets from the other features, giving you a comprehensive view of your project’s performance. Project Dashboard allows you to view all of the data in one place. Site Audit displays your site’s health, Position Tracking tracks keyword fluctuations, and Organic Traffic Insights provide a comprehensive view of overall traffic over time.

Ideal Tool For Novices

Imagine having the best skateboard with quality design and everything. However, you just don’t know how to skate yet. That’s the thing with most quality tools. They are meant to be used by experienced people who are aware of digital marketing, it serves quality.

Although Semrush is utilized by some of the world’s most prominent digital marketers because of its wide range of complex functionalities and quality features, it is also ideal for beginners who need to become more familiar with digital marketing tactics and tools. You can quickly browse the software, and Semrush makes SEO easier to comprehend, even if you have the bare minimum knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

The SEMrush Pricing Plans

With excellent quality comes the cost of it. SEMrush offers quality subscription plans for different needs. There is a plan for individuals, small businesses and agencies. They also provide an enterprise package for large companies that need more customization. Here are the plans offered by SEMrush in India:

  • Free-

This plan is best for amateurs and newcomers to marketing

  • Pro-

This plan is best suited for freelancers and small businesses

  • Guru

This plan is meant for more prominent marketing organizations and agencies.

The Semrush free version, however, is restricted in terms of services and functionalities. A free account allows you to work on the following things:

Keywords with daily rank tracking 10

  • Daily Keyword/ Competitor searches (limited to 10 searches)
  • Backlink analytics (limited to 10 searches)
  • Social media management (limited to 10 searches)
  • Social media tracking and analytics (limited to 50 searches)
  • Page crawler to find and fix site errors (limited to 100 pages)
  • Scheduled PDF Reports (limited to 1)

While these capabilities benefit beginners in digital marketing, the free edition lacks the adaptability and benefits of the premium version. If you need clarification regarding what plan might be the most suitable for you, Semrush allows you to test out their software for 14 days for free.

You Can Attain Quality Insights With SEMrush

SEMrush gives you quality insights regarding your website. After getting a good background knowledge of what things work and what don’t, you can work on improving your brand’s organic visibility on search engines. Here is a list of functionalities that includes some of the tools previously discussed in the article, along with some new ones; check these out:

  • Keyword Gap Analysis
  • Keyword Alert
  • Keyword Tagging
  • Domain Overview
  • Traffic Analytics
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • SEO Content Template
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Project Dashboard

Keywords Serve Everyone

So it is evident that brands must choose the right keywords to reach out to their target audience. Keywords are the terms, phrases or queries related to your business domain. However, there is more to keywords as they also serve the business, customers and the search engine. Here’s how:


Keywords allow businesses to place themselves better on digital platforms. They attach relevant information regarding what services a business provides, the domain of business, types of offers running and more. “Keywords” is a language a brand can use to put out information about themselves on the Internet.


Before making a purchase decision, all customers check out the alternatives to solve their needs. Keywords used by businesses help them sort out their options and choose the most suitable alternative or services. A search query can be as simple as “quality furniture shops near me”.


The search engine crawlers pick up on the keywords to understand what the business entity deals in. The Google search engine algorithm runs in order to give the user base (both customers and businesses) an excellent platform to solve their needs. For customers, the need is to find a service that helps them. On the other hand, a business needs to find customers who might benefit from its services.

The Crux Of The Matter

Knowing how to do your keyword research right is exceptionally crucial. SEMrush allows you to have top-notch keyword research! With all its features, such as Position Tracking, Website Audit, Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Analytics and more, SEMrush turns out to be a reliable tool. Moreover, all of these functionalities make the cost of the tool worth it!

If you are still wondering if you need to purchase the tool for your digital marketing goals, worry no more. Get in touch with RankLords. We are well-equipped with the SEMrush tool and many more automotive tools that keep your digital marketing on track!

With 11 years of experience, we know what tools and strategies will work best for your brand. We solve all digital marketing issues ranging from SEO, keyword research, link building and more. Contact us today!

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