The Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms To Use In 2023


A stranded customer on the islands of your website is never a good sign, and getting them to the right page can only be done by quality marketing and advertising.

When customers arrive on your landing page, you must ensure to give them a smooth landing experience with well-crafted benefit-focused headlines followed by a simple piece of content that does the communication concisely. But first, we need customers to arrive on your landing page! This is achievable with the support of an Advertising Agency that is affluent in digital marketing tactics as well as running ad campaigns.

In this article, we will be discussing a lot of good information on various Programmatic Advertising Platforms. Moreover, we will also throw some light on other aspects of advertisements as well. We will discuss the multiple benefits of indulging in programmatic advertising platforms. So put your spectacles on, and let’s dive into these beautiful topics.


Advertising Agency Can Facilitate Programmatic Advertising 

Firstly, let’s discuss what precisely programmatic advertising is. It is a way of advertising that involves the usage of specific advertising platforms to provide a real-time marketplace for buying and selling ad space. They link millions of publishers with marketers looking to place tailored ads throughout the internet. Programmatic ad platforms are an essential instrument in current advertising. They connect publishers and sellers, letting both sides bargain for ad prices in real-time.

 Advertising Work

These platforms let marketers target specific audiences and spend ad expenditures on the correct advertising by gathering data from thousands of websites. Working with a solid programmatic ads platform is a terrific approach to future-proof your business and stay one step ahead in online advertising.

Platforms for programmatic advertising solve an issue for both the following parties:

  • Publishers
  • Advertisers

This helps publishers optimize advertising earnings by auctioning off ad space to millions of advertisers globally. Moreover, this broadens reach and uses data to target highly particular populations for advertisements. When programmatic advertisements are done correctly, it results in more profit for both the publishers and the advertisers. This is a fantastic asset to have in the company.

How Does This Advertising Work?

To make programmatic advertising work, one needs a solid foundation- some robust software running in the background. This is where programmatic advertising systems come into play. Platforms are classified into four types: demand-side media, supply-side platforms, ad exchanges, and data management platforms. The supply-side platforms collect data for publishers and serve it to ad exchanges. The ad exchanges then provide this data to demand-side platforms that act on behalf of advertisers, resulting in an auction for each ad impression. Collecting data on each ad impression enables publishers to sell ad space to the highest bidder and advertisers to be incredibly targeted with their advertising. This has been an extraordinarily effective strategy!

The traditional advertising approach is inefficient due to the number of manual procedures between companies and publishers. Moreover, here are some of the other factors that make traditional advertising unsuitable for many brands:

  • time-consuming nature
  • comparatively expensive
  • amount of paperwork
  • request for proposals
  • negotiation talks
  • fewer returns

The most significant limitation of the offline technique is the inability to calculate the Return on Investment. This makes one wonder if this advertising route is worthwhile. On the other hand, this changes with Programmatic Advertising. It presents an intricate system that depends less on humans and more on programs to finish this process and show adverts throughout the internet.

Since the expenditure on programmatic advertising has surpassed over $155 billion per year and it continues to rise, this speaks for itself. One thing you can take away from it is that THIS has been working for many brands. So let’s get deeper into the benefits of programmatic advertising.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Besides the AI advancements and the reduced need for human intervention, there are many more advantages to Programmatic Advertising, such as:

Advertising Platforms
  • Wide Reach-

With these advertisements, there is an excellent chance for brands to expand their audience reach.

  • Accurate Targeting-

Programmatic advertisements allow brands to target their audience better, only with proper segmentation, targeting, and processing.

  • Efficiency-

With enhanced customer profiles and buyer personas, brands have a better chance at how only appealing to their target customers but also effectively converting them into their customers

  • Scalability-

These platforms allow brands to run ad campaigns of all scales. From large-scale campaigns to small-scale ones, all can be handled effectively.

Types of Programmatic Media Advertisements

In 2022, everyone will be well aware of different types of advertisements on other channels of communication. However, here are some of the ads that brands can do with the programmatic advertising platforms in the coming year 2023 as well:

  • Display Ads-

These are the advertisements that you see on the headers, footers, or sidebars of different websites. This makes the blog reader view and sometimes click on the advertisement that is shown beside that textual content.

  • Social Ads-

These are the advertisements that you see on your social media feed. This can appear on multiple platforms such as Facebook, google discover, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.

  • Video Ads-

These are the advertisements you see at the beginning of youtube videos or other such places. They are similar to display ads but are shown at the beginning, end, or middle of visual content instead of the readable content.

  • Audio Ads-

These are the advertisements that you need to see. Well, but you hear them. Podcast marketing is very much on trend these days. With that comes the audio ads. Like how it is done on the radio, these ads are audible before the podcast begins, ends, or in the middle.

Functional Programmatic Advertising Platforms in 2023

Programmatic advertising has a proven track record of assisting marketers in reaching relevant customers throughout their purchasing journey. The past few years have allowed brands and companies to accelerate their conversions and increase revenue. There are many advantages to such an advertising method. These advantages include the following:

Media Advertisements
  • lower costs of running ads
  • greater optimization
  • better ad management
  • and much more

If you want to invest in programmatic advertising, the first thing you should consider is which platform to collaborate with. Choosing the right programmatic platform can assist you in effectively managing your ad investments. Having said that, let’s look at some of the top programmatic advertising platforms that may help your company achieve more marketing success in 2023.

  • Adobe Advertising Cloud-

To provide marketers with a holistic solution, Adobe specializes in linked TV, video, display, native, audio, and search campaign advertisements. The user interface takes some getting used to, but once you do, it’s a terrific platform for helping you maximize your rate of return from running the ad campaign. With a focus on people-based marketing and inventory management, it’s an excellent tool for getting the most bang for your buck.

  • AdRoll

Ad Roll collaborates with over 120,000 companies. AdRoll’s robust audience targeting is one of its primary advantages, with choices for contextual, lookalike, demographic, and interest-based campaigns. It’s simple to set up and use, with high-quality ad templates to get you started immediately. It takes utmost pleasure in optimizing profits for organizations of all sizes, from multinational enterprises to one-person marketing teams.

  • Amobee

This platform allows their clients to run many cross-channel programmatic campaigns. It is the most praised for its quality features and excellent ad tracking capabilities. It is a worldwide Demand Side Platform with headquarters in California, United States. Amobee was once known as Turn DSP.

  • SpotX

This is primarily a video-first SSP. It connects publishers with demand partners to sell video ad space and inventory. This platform handles the hard work, such as ad administration and ad trafficking. Moreover, SpotX also delivers video ad solutions to app developers and publishers.

  • Xandr

This platform works with approximately 193,000 different brands already! It provides demand and supply services and serves as an ad exchange for several ad kinds. One of Xandr’s most unique aspects is fantastic data, which helps advertisers improve their purchasing tactics. It provides a simple User Interface and all of the capabilities advertisers need to enhance campaigns.

How Quality Advertisements Boost Your Conversions

After clicking upon an ad, a customer is directed toward the landing page of a website. Moreover, embedding visuals on the landing page that illustrate the offer is very impactful. Lastly, a brand must always add a standout call to action.

It is never a good thing to make your potential customer feel stranded on the islands of your websites. A clear and direct CTA allows your customers to get to the point of purchase as smoothly as possible. However, all this occurs after they click on your ad and visit the landing page. Reaching more and more people through ads can be done with Programmatic Advertising Platforms. So let’s discuss it further. 

What Programmatic Ad Platforms Do For You?

Platforms for programmatic advertising provide a real-time marketplace specifically dedicated to buying and selling ad space. They connect millions of publishers with advertisers seeking targeted advertisements throughout the internet. Everything happens instantly with these ad platforms, unlike organic promotions that take time before results show. This turns out to be functional for both parties. With these ads, a brand can quickly experience website visitors arriving at the site. 

Moreover, this also facilitates the following:

  • The publisher captures the impression
  • Access to relevant data on the visitor
  • Advertisers bid on the impression
  • The highest bidder places their ad

The Costing For Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising platforms allow brands to make appearances in the ad feed of people in bulk. This proactive advertising yields a lot of attention for the brand. The more people see an ad, the more the chances of them clicking on it. That is why advertising agencies take a commission on the sale of each impression. Usually, from 10% to 20% is the commission fee charged by many good agencies. However, every agency has its own cost depending upon the type of advertisements and the efforts they put into accurately targeting your brand.

Insight On Google and Facebook as programmatic ads platform

Regarding running ads, Google Ads is one of the most popular ad platforms. But is Google Ads a programmatic ads platform? Yes, and it is working on the demand side. It is an efficient place for advertisers to bid on advertising space. Moreover, Google Ads allows it all to happen in real time. This marketplace helps advertisers in creating an auction and award the impression to the best bid.

On the other hand, Facebook offers a demand-side programmatic ads platform which is very much like Google Ads. It creates an auction for each impression and allows bidding for ads and running them in real-time.

Key Takeaways

Data insights and complicated algorithms are used in programmatic advertising to offer ads to relevant users at the proper time, place, and price. In layman’s terms, programmatic advertising is the use of automated technologies to purchase digital ad space. This is in stark contrast to traditional advertising, which relies primarily on the human connection between publishers and marketers. Overall, these programmatic advertising platforms let marketers target specific audiences. They also spend ad expenditures on the correct advertising by gathering data from thousands of websites. That’s a wrap!

Were you familiar with these advertising platforms before reading this article? Well, there you go; we hope you will experience a good result after using these tools. However, if you want to make optimal use of these platforms, then get in touch with one of the best advertising agency in India— RankLords.
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