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Semrush Vs. Other Keyword Research Tools: Which Is Better?

Keyword Research Tools

Keywords are the driving forces of your brand for any search engine. Suppose you know the basics of digital marketing. In that case, you know that every social media post, website, landing page, digital advertisement, or blog needs specific keywords. That’s just the way to go.

Without these keywords, nothing will make sense to the google search engine. And if everything you do does not make sense to google, it will not do anything for you. All that marketing and creative effort can only be successful if a brand uses good keyword research tools. Something like this must not happen to your brand at any cost.

This article will give you a lot of insight into the best keyword research tools for your brand. We will also get into the importance of keyword research and planning. By the end of the article, we have also elaborated upon a few free keyword tools. At RankLords, we want to encourage businesses to refrain from paying hefty charges for a keyword research tool. So let’s dive right into it.

Pawn Of SEO: Good Keyword Research

Excellent keyword research gives you keywords that act like the pawns of SEO for your brand. These keywords take forward the task of expanding your reach. The search engine crawlers access information from these keywords and then interpret them further. Here are some of the ways keyword research helps you:

  • Recognizes your target audience
  • Builds connect with your customers
  • Find fresh things to cover on your website
  • Obtain highly qualified leads
  • Boosts your sales ratios 
  • Increase ad campaign clicks and impressions
  • Increase the awareness of your brand

Quality keyword research reveals the terms, phrases, inquiries, and responses important to your users and consumers. This is one of the most important things in organic growth, SEO ranking and digital marketing. Keywords help your brand rank better and help you achieve commercial goals such as generating page views, obtaining leads, or selling products and services. You must understand keyword research to drive more qualified leads to your site. Continue reading to find out how it works, why it’s essential, and how it may help you create content.

Therefore, keywords are critical to attracting potential consumers more inclined to use or purchase from your website. However, it is equally crucial to avoid employing “bad” keywords, which might attract readers who are more likely to leave your page. Keyword research aids in the discovery of both. 

Keyword Research 101

Keyword research for search engine optimization (SEO) is compiling a list of all the usable keyword variations related to the things you deal with. Here is the overview of the keyword research process:

  • Building a list of relevant keywords
  • Limiting down the set of keywords
  • Defining the phase for each keyword

That’s how you achieve the golden list of keywords (this is discussed further in the article). So these keywords can include high-traffic words from your website, content, products, services, and ideal clients. After creating a list of keywords, limit it to those genuinely relevant to your site and users. Finally, classify and prioritize each phrase.

Using SEMrush Keyword Research Tool

As discussed above, when doing your SEO keyword research, collaborating on your initial list is the first and most important thing. In the worst-case scenario, the brand uses the wrong keywords. This will take your website ranking to a negative. Yikes! Nobody wants that to happen.

Semrush Keyword Research

There are numerous sources where you can look for possible lists of keywords. Here is an example of the same. If we talk about using the SEMrush Keyword Overview tool, you can look at some top keyword suggestions for “Best Headphones” if you just type them in. So when creating your initial list, try to include the following information for each keyword:

  • The precisely targeted keyword
  • The volume of monthly searches
  • Top ten ranking results for the keyword
  • Search Intent
  • The difficulty level of the keyword
  • Competitiveness of the keyword
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)

SEMrush enables you to manage everything from just one platform. It allows you to do SEO, content marketing, competitive analysis, PPC, and social media marketing. This is a fantastic tool; however, it is not free. They provide a seven-day free trial of the service. SEMrush is one of the market’s most effective paid keyword research tools. They provide four different plans from which to pick. Various plans are available for individuals, businesses, and enterprises.

Moreover, SEMrush as an SEO tool offers the core functionality for digital marketers like:

  • Efficient Backlinks-

Find a backlink opportunity that acts as massive life support to grow any online business.

  • Quality Insights-

SEMrush gives you quality insights regarding your website. After getting a good background knowledge of what things work and what don’t, you can work on improving your brand’s organic visibility on search engines.

  • Content Toolkits-

Alongside the keyword tools, SEMrush also offers content toolkits that give you the perfect direction for the topics you need to grow online.

This is only the beginning of what Semrush has to offer you. Although this tool is paid for, it is worth it. Check out some of the following features as well to see if SEMrush is the best tool for your keyword research:

  • Keyword Overview tool
  • Keyword Magic tool
  • Keyword Manager tool

You can also do individual or bulk keyword research by combining these tools. You have the ability to do good keyword research and develop the best content marketing plan. These tools will also assist you in conducting competitive keyword research.

Other Keyword Research Tools

SEMrush is a very functional tool, but it is paid. So if you are thinking about other alternatives, there are many more ways to do your keyword research. Worry not because we have constituted a wholesome list of the most epic keyword research tools.

Search Concept

Check out this list of alternative tools you can use:

  • Google Ads-

You can search for keywords in your GoogleAds account or go to the keyword planner tool that it provides you. This tool is specially created for companies that wish to place their adverts through GoogleAds. It allows you to do keyword research very smoothly. A set of short-tail and long-tail keywords can be accessed through this wonderful tool. Another good thing is that Keyword Planner works as a valuable SEO tool, and unlike other premium tools, it is available for free.

  • Google SERP-

With a user base of over 3.5 billion, Google receives the most search queries every single day. Google is the platform where people search for information, compare their options, make purchase decisions, post experiences, share reviews and more. Thus you can use the Google SERP to see what people are usually looking for on google. This will help you in planning your campaign keywords along the lines of the most used keywords for the domain. Again, this is also a free tool that everyone can access.

  • Answer The Public-

This tool allows you to visualize what people are usually searching on the internet in the form of clusters. For instance, the clusters can be composed of words such as what, how, when, where, can, will, which, why and more. These clusters consist of groups of keywords that are similar such as “why digital marketing is important” or “how digital marketing works in India”. There are more keyword bifurcations based on prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related. Overall, it is a great tool that even allows you to visualize the keyword sets in clusters and branches.

  • Ubersuggest-

Ubersuggest is a quality SEO tool with a free chrome extension that displays monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data for keywords. This tool divides your keyword research into three sections: overview, keyword ideas, and SERP analysis. It smoothly assists you in coming up with keyword suggestions for your content marketing strategy and campaign ideas. Moreover, this is also a free tool.

Just like a good craftsman never blames the tools, you must also not blame your tools when doing digital marketing for your brand. You do not need paid tools to rank. If your startup is budding, then you can use the free keyword research tools as well. Initially, they will get the job done if you make the best use of these tools.

Brainstorm Your Golden Keywords

No matter what tool you use, make sure you prepare a good keyword list. Creating a well-planned golden list of keywords helps you rank better. Though it can be a bit of a pickle, it is worth it. It must include your team members, clients, the content team, and other relevant individuals. The keyword brainstorming process might help you come up with even more relevant keywords. To put it another way, the more brain power you put into it, the better you can represent your brand on google.

Thus, involving these groups will help in boosting your stakeholder acceptability of the keyword research process. Hold brief brainstorming sessions with stakeholders to establish what they believe may be valued based on their knowledge of their website.

Get Familiar With Keyword Themes

Digital Marketers usually use the term “topics” or “themes” to refer to the groups of related keywords. These are groupings of separate terms that indicate a searcher’s similar needs. Because a searcher may have many intentions when investigating a given issue, keyword research should never be reduced to just compiling a list of terms.

Instead, employ keyword research to create a complex set of terms that all have a similar search intent. A single subject or theme may lead to a piece of content that may address all of the demands within that topic, resulting in a single page that is “optimized” for the whole set of keywords. The search term may be wide enough to indicate that you should dedicate an entire part of your website to answering the user’s desire.

Consider this.

Let’s say you’re publishing a post about “how to perform digital marketing”. Now, if you produce one single article regarding this topic, you may meet intent for all keywords related to this “theme,” such as:

  • How to do digital marketing
  • How to do digital marketing in Hindi
  • How to do digital marketing in India
  • How to do digital marketing for budding startup
  • How to do digital marketing for business
  • How to do digital marketing for real estate brand
  • How to do digital marketing for quality leads
  • How to do digital marketing on social media
  • How to do digital marketing on Instagram
  • How to do digital marketing on Facebook
  • How to do digital marketing effectively
  • How to do digital marketing budgeting 
  • How to do digital marketing outsourcing
  • How to do digital marketing better
  • How to do a digital marketing course

If your keyword group covers a more complicated topic, such as “how has the pandemic affected the real estate market in Delhi NCR region,” in that case, a single piece of content will not satisfy all search intent surrounding that keyword theme. To exactly answer the user’s inquiries, they would most likely need significantly larger text content.

The Crux Of The Matter

The essence of the topic is that if everything you do doesn’t make sense to Google, it won’t help you. As simple as that. All marketing campaign efforts might be futile if a brand does not employ the appropriate keywords. It is the point of building your brand awareness.

So knowing how to do your keyword research right is extremely crucial. You can nail the keyword with the help of keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Google SERP, Ask The Public, and Google Ads.

Do you still have any more questions regarding what tools might be the best for you? Get in touch with RankLords. With an experience of 11 years in our bag, we can solve all your digital marketing issues ranging from SEO, keyword planning, link building and more. The seasoned individuals at RankLords will help your brand get a better footing in this era of digital marketing.

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